Thursday, June 16, 2011

Responsibility Is Overrated

VBS begins in 5 days. For those of you who have ever planned a VBS, you know what I'm talking about... It's just enough time to get things wrapped up and ready or to have a major freak out. With God's grace, I'm on the "let's get it wrapped up" plan. In the midst of final VBS prep, I'm also working on Girls Camp  and my regular duties as pastor of children and family ministries. It's a busy time. As the rest of the world seems to be celebrating the end of school, vacation plans, and the glory of a simpler summer schedule, each day I sense the list of responsibilities growing. I wake up with a choice: grumpy or grateful. What are people going to see on my face today. I have to admit, I'm sure it's a little of both. As deeply grateful that I am for the responsibilities I've been entrusted with, there are moments when I simply want to dump it all and head for some place tropical with absolutely nothing to control but the application of my sunscreen. (Every two hours, at least 15 SPF-and remember there is no such thing as waterproof.)

If you know me, you know I love control. Planning, preparing, and praying are the three "p's" that make me giddy. However, it's really not all about me. Every day God reminds me of how little I can do, and how much he has to do in order to keep the world spinning. And quite frankly "my" VBS, Girls Camp, Sunday school, or any of the other ministries that I'm in charge of aren't mine. They are God's. We write and teach what we need to hear for ourselves don't we?

I've been known to say, "responsibility is overrated." I think those words usually come out of my mouth when I'm so tired from the details, meetings, questions, and pressure of always planning for the next event, program, class, etc. But today I understand this phrase in another way. Perhaps a kinder, gentler, less aggravated, and exhausted way. I need to add the word "my" to the phrase. My responsibility is overrated. For in my own selfish mind, my bloated ego, and inflated sense of necessity, it's easy for me to believe that if I don't achieve the goal, who will? My responsibility is overrated. God's is not. His responsibility is beyond comprehension. So the next time I get caught up in being the hands and feet of Jesus...remind me: My responsibility is overrated.

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