Friday, June 10, 2011

Hosting the Holy Ghost

Today a friend of mine wrote a piece on hospitality. She said she was a "reluctant hostess." This evening as I was cleaning up our kitchen in anticipation of the dinner we'll have with friends tomorrow,  I began wondering why do people find the motivation to tidy up when company's coming? Hospitality is definitely one of God's gifts. Some people seem to have it, some not so much. I'm in the "not so much" category. I do my best. I like to clean up, make a meal, and sometime I even light candles! But when it comes to can call me an "anxious hostess." By the time company arrives, I'm usually so worked up from all the preparations, I have a difficult time being fully present with my guests. I'm definitely more Martha than Mary.

What if the way we welcome our guests is the way we welcome the Holy Spirit? What if the manner in which we prepare for company is similar to the way we accept Christ in our lives? Perhaps in your life you don't see any parallels. I think I've found a few in mine:

  • I love to serve. When I'm "doing" I feel like I'm being obedient to the Most High God I love.
  • Sitting and being still with The Holy Spirit is fine...for a few minutes. I want to listen, but come on H.S., hurry it up just a bit; we've got stuff to do together.
  • I find motivation to do just about any activity if I feel it has eternal purpose and serves God's children.
  • I trust God. I think I do. I want to. 
  • I don't clean up anything in my life to look good for others. I clean up out of respect for what I have and what I've been given.
  • I hope my home and my heart is a sanctuary that others can enjoy without clutter, confusion, or conflict.
  •  I'm working on it. I mean, I'm letting Jesus work on it...."Ahem, Jesus, I see a little mess over here you missed. Would you like me to get that?"
How do you host the Holy Ghost?

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