Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grace, Sustainability, and Effective Ministry

These past two weeks have made my head spin and my heart hurt. They've also made me smile, pray, take deep breaths, and move forward.

Head spin: WBF, Women's Retreat, VBS, Sunday School, 3M, Girls Camp, Parenting Group, Summer Plan
Heart hurt: Effective ministry = what's that?
Smile: Alan, Brynn, Jolee, Corinne, Compassion (Oh how I love you), The Team at NFC, Women's Retreat and Girls Camp Steering Teams (Such good work being done!), Exercise
Pray: God, you know me. Help me to rest in you. To trust you.
Take Deep Breaths: Grace. God give me grace.
Move Forward: It's about loving Christ and others. NOT myself.

As I continue to wrestle with what to do, how to do it, who I am, and communicating what I'm about, I hear a word that makes me crazy: "I." It's time to refocus on God and leave more room in my head and my heart for Him to work than me.

So here I'll sit/stand/walk/run/Zumba/kneel/crawl/sleep: Soaking in grace, reminding myself that sustainability isn't code for lazy, and out of that truth be used by Christ for effective ministry.

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