Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuff He Doesn't Say

Finding ways to understand, grasp, learn about, and help eliminate poverty can be overwhelming. This morning as I showered I said to myself, "I wish the water would hurry up and get warm." I thought about that spoiled rich American statement and the dozens of other things that my family says on a daily basis that are common to us but probably have never been uttered by Anderson, the child we sponsor through Compassion in Honduras. As I got ready to go to work, more and more phrases came to mind. So many in fact, that for the first time I felt compelled to begin a blog as a place to process and share.

Anderson doesn't say:
  • Hi Mom! 
  • Dad, is the pool filled up yet?
  • Can we go to the movies this weekend?
  • Where's my iPod Touch?
  • Mom, can you get take n' bake pizza tonight?
  • Can we watch Wipeout while we eat dinner?

Anderson doesn't hear:
  • Honey, grab your helmet, we've got to get to your horse lesson.
  • Please get me some ice water from the fridge.
  • I like hearing you practice piano.
  • You're baking cookies...again?
  • I'm using this computer right now to work on my blog, go use the laptop.
  • Goodnight sweetheart, Mommy loves you.

Anderson lives with his aunt and grandparents. His father has been out of the picture for years. Anderson's mom left him and his three other siblings 3 months ago to find work in Mexico. Last month my husband and I had the privilege to visit Anderson in Honduras. We hugged this sweet serious boy, played and prayed with him, and then had to say goodbye. Part of me felt icky for leaving him...just like his real mom and dad have done. But through the gift of sponsorship, I also know that my relationship with this precious 10-year-old is not over. I can't wait to receive his next letter! Maybe he will have drawn me a picture with the colored pencils we gave him. I will continue to write to Anderson and be a voice of compassionate hope.

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